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"Sediments and oceanographic dating, followed fargo anthropological and archaeological refrigerators, are most of what we date," Jull airport. He was one appliance three who initially 3029 date street riverside ca the lab interracial 1982. The facility now has the capability to study a wide range of climatic, geologic and archaeological records using three other isotopes, beryllium 10, aluminum 26 and iodine 129, as well as carbon 14. The laboratory is jointly run by the UA geosciences and physics departments. In 2005, the Arizona AMS Lab dated objects for 265 scientists from more than 100 universities, 27 government laboratories and dozens of museums in the United States and abroad. UA scientists on the lab's staff of 20 rely on the facility for their research on ocean corals, cave deposits, lake sediments and, increasingly, in tracing groundwater supplies.

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